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What’s Behind An-Nas

Many people who read this letter and even memorized. But if asked, will contain the contents, then they would head – his head, as a sign of lack of their unfamiliarity akannya. However, if traced to the contents and the contents of this letter, then it would be seen how much of the formula – the formula of life. The Qur’an is derived not just to memorize or read or just simply diperlombakan, but the Quran revealed to be a way of live, a guidance in life and become a formula – the formula of life on this earth. In other languages ​​The Qur’an was revealed to diamalkan not for others.
This letter shows that in living life on earth, where the devil has vowed since expelled from heaven to deceive the whole human being, let a Muslim to always take refuge in Lord of man, the human king, and God’s people from the evil whispers of hidden. Ar-Rabb is Allah is He who gives rizki to humans, which regulates all affairs – affairs, who deliver the benefit – the benefit to him and to protect them from any danger. King of man is the master man He is God, who set to them by His will, which has power over them, and not a single human rajapun for sheltering him while coming calamity that arrived – arrive, if they go to him except Allah, the King truly human, capable of degrading anyone, picked it up, plug in kinship, terminate a relationship, providing benefits and holding benefit.

This letter is sent men to seek refuge in humans who were told to take shelter Allah.Dari? . Course of two things, first of hidden whisper that the blow in man and both of Al-Khonnas. Al-Khonnas namely that always hiding and turn one’s back. Al-Khonnas is derived from the word al-khunus which means back or behind the canopy. Whispering and hiding are the two properties inherent to the devil. This means that a servant when the neglect of the remembrance of Allah, the devil will whisper whisper evil which is the source of all evil. And when the servant of God and take refuge remember him, then syetanpun will move away and turn one’s back. In the Tafseer of Ibn Kathir, Qatadah said: Al-Khonnas it has a nose like a dog’s nose, remember when a servant of God, so she began to turn one’s back. The word al-khonnaas the above scales al-fa’aal which means continue – constantly, but when I remember God, the devil will turn one’s back and when he fails then syetanpun will come again.

Shaykh Ibn Sa’di said in his commentary, that the devil is the source of all evil. Including the defamation devil is he always whispered in human breast (crime), where he made a bad becomes good and encouraging people to mengerjakannya.Sebaliknya, devil makes a good becomes bad and encouraged him to not do it. And the devil forever be above this state. Al-Hafidz Ibn Kathir in his commentary sourced menukilkan hadith of Anas Shafiyah berkunjungnya story to the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallama being i’tikaf. At that time the Prophet came out with him to drive her to the house because it was night. Amid the trip, met with two people from the anshar. When two people are seeing their Prophet with his wife, the two men speeding his way. Rasulullahpun immediately stop and say to them: “Do not hurry – hurry, because actually he is Shafiyah Bint Huyay. Said the two men: “O Messenger of Almighty God holy. Prophet said: “Verily, that devil is in the bloodstream of man, and indeed I am afraid, devil will throw in your hearts prejudice against me. This is done in order to avoid slander the Prophet who diakan exhaled by the devil, which if left unchecked, perhaps there will be a prejudiced, that the woman who was with the Messenger of Allah is not his wife.

Shaytan is the enemy of man. He’s always trying to harm humans. Then let a Muslim reading this letter, for devil away from him. In the saheeh hadith Imam Al-Bukhari narrated that the Prophet mentioned two each night to collect his palm and blew both of them while reading the letter of Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Nas. Then he rubbed his hands he could to his body. He started from the top of the head and face and then the other limbs .. He did it thrice. This shows that the letter included an-nas from disunnahkan letter read, in order to protect oneself from evil spirits and humans.

Crimes that dibisikan to human variety – The first kind is a crime is clear – clear ban on religions such as lying, cheating, stealing, adultery, and others. The second is the advent of good roads and other such cases heretical. The third, on I’tiqad crime that causes doubt as to his state of one’s heart of God.

1. Tafsir Al-Fatihah Suwarin wal wal Mu’awwidzatain Ikhlas, Shaykh al-Islam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab.
2. Taisirul Karim Ar-Rahman Fi Tafseer Kalamil Mannan, Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Nasir As-Sa’di
3. Tafsirul Al-Qur’anul ‘Adhim, Al-Imam Abul-Fida al-Khafidz Ibn Kathir Ad-Damasyqa
4. Minal Durusun qur’an al-karim, University of Ibn Sa’ud.
5. Al-Hidayah commentary juz’amma, A. Beautiful


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