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Ussage Al-Wala ‘

A person’s life would not be separated from tauhidnya. When did tauhidnya true, then life will be good, and vice versa, when tauhidnya damaged, then all activities in his life will be damaged. History will prove the influence of one’s unity. Anyone who knows God well and believe that Allah is always watching her at any time, however circumstances and in a condition someone is everything what, God always see it, and no one kekuatanpun that can make someone apart from the supervision of God. With monotheism, then one will be able to make his love for God diatasa everything – everything. Someone who has aqidah monotheism, then he must have the attitude of al-wala and al-barra, where he must love and hate experts monotheist shirk.
People that have a love for something, then he would want a meeting with him. He will try my best to do things – things that loved him. He would leave things – things that cause anger to him .. Moreover, people who know God, who knows that He is God who gives everything – everything, both the abstract and the concrete, then he will always remember God. The Prophet Joseph was invited by the king’s wife to commit adultery with her and really factors – factors that support the heinous act was a lot, of the closed-from human view by closing all doors and windows of his palace, beautiful way the king’s wife and the threat of jail or tortured if not obey the call cruel, but because the Prophet Joseph was his love for God, then he chooses to go to jail, this is as explained in Tafseer As-Sa’di, a letter: Joseph: 23-29.
Prophet Abraham when commanded to sacrifice his son Prophet Isma’il is, then he too do it, but it is his beloved son. This is due to his love towards her child under the love of Allah, Shaykh Ibn Sa’di explains verses 100-111 of Ash-Shoffat letter, that when the Prophet Abraham to have children of Ishmael, he was very mncintainya especially when already mature, where distress in care at a time when he was a kid was spent and the benefits of her son began to come, with the ability of children to help themselves. While like this, Prophet Ibrahim got exams from God to kill his beloved son. Prophet Abraham, his passion to carry it out as his Lord. (See Tafseer Ibn Kathir, letter: Ash-Shoffat: 100-111). Ibn Kathir explains that when Ismail was berinjak adult, Prophet Ibrahim always go with him, walked with him, once he had a dream, that he slew. And dreams of the Prophets are revelations, so she began to carry it out. Likewise, when the Prophet Abraham was told by God to leave his wife and son in a land devoid of humans and barren land and no source of water in it, so she began to fulfill the command of his Lord because of his love God above all – everything, it is described in the commentary of Ibn Sa ‘on and interpretation of the letter Ibrahim Ibn Kathir: 37.
In the battle of Uhud, where the time was the most critical moment in the life of the Prophet, the companions of the Prophet found so menggebunya defend the Prophet, and so apparently grains – grains of love, loyalty, patriotism and their courage. As depicted in some of the following history:
1. Imam Muslim narrated from Anas Bin Malik that the Messenger of Allaah be upon him wa Sallama segregated along seven Ansar and two immigrants. When people – people of Quraish launched incessant attacks, he said: “Anyone who protect us, then he go to heaven or she will be my companion in heaven.” So there is one of the advanced combat Ansar melawaan so many people – the idolaters till he was killed . Then followed the other Ansar, so that those who totaled seven people were killed everything. After that he said to two colleagues of immigrants, “They’re not being fair to us.”
2. In Ash-Shahihain mentioned from Abu Uthman, he said, “At the time the battle was no one with the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa Sallama, except Talha bin Sa’ad bin Abu Ubaidillah and Waqqash. That is the most critical moment in the life of the Messenger of Allaah be upon him wa Sallama, on the contrary is a golden opportunity for the people – the polytheists. But it turns out this opportunity they could not use it well. Yet since the previous attack on themselves they are always directed him and they were very ambitious to kill him.
3. Imam Al-Bukhary narrated from Abu Hazim ibn Qais, he said: “I saw the finger – Talha fingers cut off, because he was protecting the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa Sallama at Uhud.”. Ibn Hibbaan narrated in Shahihnya, from Ayesha, he said, “Abu Bakr Ash-Siddiq said,” At the time of the battle of Uhud all people want to approach the Messenger of Allaah be upon him wa Sallama. I was the one who first approached him. I saw him in front of someone who fought to maintain and protect him. I said: O Panahlah continues Talha, my father and mother as ransom. “I’m not really able to see the figure of Abu Ubaidah, because he fought like a bird, until finally I could mendekatiny. Then we were together – as close to the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa Sallama, which was then Talha had fallen on the ground in front of him. He said, “Let him be your brother, yet he was already in heaven.” At that time he was hit by the throw darts at the cheek bone to release the two pieces of iron hat circle in that section. I approached him to remove two pieces of iron chain cap on his head. Abu Ubaidah said: “By Allah I am pleading to you, O Abu Bakr, let alone handle. Abu Bakr said next, Abu Ubaidah biting piece cap iron chain with his teeth for fear of hurting the Messenger of Allaah be upon him wa Sallama, until Abu Ubaidah incisors become shaky. Then I would remove the other pieces. But Abu Ubaidah said: “By Allah I beseech thee, O Abu Bakr, let alone handle!.” Then Abu Ubaidah do like the first one to relinquish a piece of a second. Consequently another series gear come shaky. Then we approached Talha to take care. Turns out he got injured more than ten wounded.
4. Umair Bin Mush’ab fighting in earnest, to protect the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sebuan Sallama of Ibn Qami’ah and colleagues – colleagues. While there is a war flag in his right hand. They can menyabetkan sword into his hand until the end. Then he took the flag in his left hand. He continues to survive the assault of people – unbelievers until they could snatch up his left hand broken. Then the flag was ditelungkupkan in the chest and neck until he was killed. Who killed him is Ibn Qami’ah. Because he thinks is the Messenger of Allaah be upon him Mush’ab wa Sallama, then he immediately turned towards the people – the polytheists after to kill him, then shouted, “Muhammad has been killed.
The picture above shows how great the influence of al-wala in one’s life, to be able to risk her own life as a loyal (walanya) against the Prophet. Similarly, a person who in his heart of monotheism, then he must have attitudes wala, loyal to the monotheist as well as the Companions, they are loyal to the Messenger of Allaah be upon him wa Sallama.

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5. Taisirul Karim Ar-Rahman Fi Tafseer Kalamil Mannan, Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Nasir As-Sa’di.
6. Tafsirul Al-Qur’anul ‘Adhim, Al-Imam Abul-Fida al-Khafidz Ibn Kathir Ad-Damasyqa


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