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Ussage Al-Barra ‘

Aqeedah Tawheed belief in the truth is not perfect with loyalty only to the scholars of monotheism without coupled with the attitude of al-barra ‘(hate and innocent) from experts shirk. In the letter Al-Mumtahanah verse 4, outlined by Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Natsir Al’Allamah As-Sa’di that the Prophet Abraham, who along with her from the people – who believe held a feud with his folk are still idolaters with hostility that ultimately there is no limitation until they believe in one God. Ibn Kathir also menerangakan in its interpretation, that the enmity and hatred between the Prophet Abraham and the people – the faithful against the person – the idolaters will continue until they bertauhid.
Many people who do not understand Islam will kewijaban al-barra “to the expert shirk. And that is unfortunate, too many preachers who ignored the will of al-barra ‘is for a reason – reasons that are not syar’i, until – until there are people working in the field of science and the preaching once said in a radio broadcast about people – the Christians with words – words: “Sesungghnya they are our brothers.” Someone who does not have al-barra ‘is, it shows lack of unfamiliarity him against the Prophet taught monotheism to his companions. Had someone who knew but did not have al-barra ‘in him to shirk expert, then this kind of understanding does not give him the slightest benefit. This is because Islam demands on followers as well as clever and also for charity. People who are knowledgeable but do not practice it like the back JEWS truth. So do people who do good but not knowledgeable Christians who do not like PEOPLE knowledgeable in his actions.
In the letter Al-Mujadalah verse 22, Sa’id bin Abdul Aziz in the interpretation of Ibn Kathir explains that this verse was revealed concerning Abu Ubaidah Amir Bin Abdullah Bin Jarrah who had killed his father when the war full moon, until Umar bin Khattab when it held a meeting about who who will replace him thereafter; Umar said: ‘If Abu Ubaidah still alive, it will make him my successor “. This shows that a Mu’min must hate against idolaters even though he is the father as well as Abu Ubaidah against his father.
Shaykh Sa’di in his commentary explains with respect to QS: Al-Fath: 29, that the Companions really – really hostile to pagans, and they always try to hate them with a hatred that is. Ibn Kathir explains this verse with a clear statement that believers are very hard against the unbelievers and hate towards them. This all suggests that there is no lasting friendships, familial associations of a prosperous and lasting unless it is all done for God, gathered by God and separated because of God.
Another example of the application of al barra ‘is barra’nya Prophet and the Companions of Ka’ab Bin Malik not only due to join the battle of Tabuk. And she always prayed behind the Prophet in the mosque that was founded on the basis of piety, but the Prophet and his companions did not notice and do not talk to her until not greet him. So is the attitude barra’nya Ka’ab Ghassan Bin Malik against the king, though at that time he was shunned by the Muslims. Where is the king of Ghassan offers a high status and wealth in abundance, but Ka’ab still hate against him until he tore the letter of offer from the king of Ghassan. And there are still many examples – other examples that illustrate the strength of barra attitude ‘towards expert shirk. But when compared to the present, it is very rare person who dared to hostile people – those who oppose Allah and His Messenger. Whereas in the case of Malik Bin Ka’ab compared with people – people who oppose God very much. So the attitude of barra ‘a Mu’min against them should be larger.

1. Al-Ershad ila Saheeh al-I’tiqad Fashal Al-Wala ‘wal Bara’ Al-Raddu wa ‘ala ash-Syirki Expert wa al-Ilhad, Dr. Shaikh Salih bin Abdullah bin Fauzan Al-Fauzan.
2. Al-Wala ‘wall Bara’ fil Islam Min Mafahimi ‘Aqidatish Shalafi, Muhammad bin Sa’id bin Salim Al-Qahthani.
3. Taisirul Karim Ar-Rahman Fi Tafseer Kalamil Mannan, Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Nasir As-Sa’di.


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