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Tawhid Is The Source Of Strength

Indonesia is predominantly Moslem. Even its followers more than the country – other countries, until – until the census proves that the number of adherents of Islam in Indonesia this country was ranked number one in international scale. Around the corners of this city, most people – people islam is where – where and spread in many areas, from Sabang to Merauke, and from remote areas to metropolitan cities. But very unfortunately, there are many cases – cases related to violations of Islamic religion, whether theft, corruption, bribery – bribery, adultery, etc., where many of the perpetrators are people – people of Islam. The question arises, what would they do such a drag?, What drives them to do things – such things?. If traced it from its base case, it was found that the problem from the point of it all is not embedded in their monotheism, monotheistic faith. This condition is similar to the situation when Arabia has not signed her Islamic religion, where they are in a very kejahiliyahan, where their daughters were buried alive, their daughter used to live in a state of humiliation. But when Islam came to them, Prophet Muhammad began to take them to a very important invitation. A very important invitation to monotheism and it is here that he first called for him. And this is in accordance with the prophets and apostles manhaj earlier.

Shaykh Al-Albani was asked about what the road to resurrection – of Islam, and the road which they should travel for God to place them at the appropriate place among the people – other people?. So beliaupun answer for the first tauhidnya must be planted as this is the prophets and apostles manhaj. Which the first Apostle, Prophet Noah, he invites his people to monotheism, and he did not move to another invitation to tauhidnya embedded in them. Al’Allamah Sheikh Abdurrahman bin As-Sa’di Natsir explained in mentafsirkan QS: Al-‘Ankabut: 24, that Noah did not cease to invite his people bertauhid and always be patient on it, although up to 950 years. Nevertheless there are still many who deny their people. Allah says in the Qur’an: Noah: 23 as a depiction of the situation his people: And this shows qot’i proposition that the most important thing is embedded firmly in the self-monotheist, a servant, and this is the meaning of verse 19 Muhammad’s letter. Al’Allamah Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Natsir As-Sa’di commented on this verse that the science required here is the science of monotheism, and this knowledge is fardlu ‘ain, this obligation does not fall from seorangpun.Rasulullah Mu’adh when he said to send it to Yemen country to preach

ليكن أول ما تدعوهم إليه: شهادة أن لا إله إلا الله, فإن هم أطاعوك لذلك … .. “(1). إلخ الحديث.

Be ye first the calls to them were: Testifying that there is no god who haq worship except Allah, so if they menta’atimu for it … … … “(Hadith Sahih Bukhari History: 1395, Muslim: 19, Abu Daud: Tirmidhi 1584 and : 625, all from the point of Ibn Abbas. This shows that the case – should be considered is monotheism. Al-Imam Al-Mujaddid comment on the Hadith, that monotheism is the most important obligation of any other kind, even of prayer though. Indeed many monotheism could pronounce sentence, but unfortunately, they do not understand its meaning and does not understand the demands of the utterance. But those ignorant Arabs first, they understand and even more understanding of people – people now, so they do not want to say. People – Quraish pagans view, if the sentence was pronounced, so consequently they have to implement all the demands of the utterance of monotheism, of leaving all god but Allah, and only in whom they should worship. So also people – Jews and Christians they understand that Prophet Muhammad was the honest man in what he is to convey the Islamic religion, as stated in the Qur’an: Al-Baqarah: 146. But this knowledge is not beneficial to them. Why? Because they do not trust the preaching of the Prophet Muhammad. While in this country, indeed many people are familiar with the speech that utterance لاإله إلا الله محمد رسول الله, but it was limited to words alone, while his heart dilisan not understand the demands of the sentence.

The period of ignorance and stupidity period experienced by the Arab population was once the disease, as well as the ignorance that is in the present. Tawhid is the drug of first disease of ignorance, then he also as a remedy under on the ignorance in the present, not the other and nothing else. And the Prophet Muhammad was as good role models for all Muslims. Allah says in the Q.S: Al-Ahzab verse 21. Al-Imam Abul-Fida al-Khafidz Ibn Kathir Ad-Damasyqa explains in his commentary, that this verse is the basis will maketh Muhammad as a role model in words, deeds and all aspects of life.

During that true monotheism is not embedded in a person, so long as it is she will always be dragged into the abyss disobedience. During a saheeh monotheism was not rooted in a person, although he understood but did not take root, then tauhidnya would not be able to give benefits to him. That is because monotheism likened like a building foundation. When are fragile and not strong foundation and then when the building was a small shock will be destroyed, as well as someone who tauhidnya porous, when there is a small test, then he can not survive above alhaq because tauhidnya weak. Someone who is rooted in self tauhidnya his soul, then he will be able to resist various kinds of challenges that face it with God’s permission, despite what he has lost, either from his property, his family or his life, everything will be sacrificed in order to maintain tauhidnya.

1. Huwa-Tawheed Kitabut alladzi haqqullah ‘alal-‘abid, Al-Imam Al-Mujaddid Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab.
2. At-Tawheed Islamic Du’atal Awwalan Yes, Al’allamah AlMuhaddits of Syria Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani.
3. Taisirul Karim Ar-Rahman Fi Tafseer Kalamil Mannan, Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Nasir As-Sa’di
4. Tafsirul Al-Qur’anul ‘Adhim, Al-Imam Abul-Fida al-Khafidz Ibn Kathir Ad-Damasyqa


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