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Tawheed Lesson

In this post the author deliberately presenting the material – material that is associated with monotheism. The reason the writer lifted material monotheism is still a lot of people – people of Islam who do not understand about the importance of unity and the dangers of shirk. But this exposure is not as it has been passed from postings – postings that have been published. The material will now be packed into a question and answer, with the aim that this method makes the reader easy to understand and digest. Please follow the material:

Question: Who has created us all?

Answer: عز وجل God who created us all.

Question: Why did God create us عز وجل? What is the foundation and basis for this?

Answer: God created us for عز وجل we worship Him. The evidence is the word of God عز وجل:

وما خلقت الجن والإنس إلا ليعبدون. الذاريات: 56

And I created not the jinn and mankind except that they worship me.

Problem: What is the meaning of the word worship?

Answer: Worship is a word that includes above all that God عز وجل ridhoi and love of words and deeds, both obvious and invisible.

Problem: What is religion?

Answer: Islam is a religion that connects us with God عز وجل and make us know God عز وجل with real knowledge and we hold fast to the Islamic shariah.

Problem: What is Islamic law and what’s most important keistemewaannya?

Answer: The Islamic Shari’ah is the way that God عز وجل make it as a religion to His Prophet Muhammad and his followers. He is the Religion that God عز وجل has sent his Prophet Muhammad with him.

Keistemewaannya most important are as follows:

Islamic law comes from Allah عز وجل.

Islamic law is perfect and universal.

Islamic law is relevant to every place and time.

Islamic Shari’a can realize the security and tranquility.

Islamic law was to create a lasting happiness.

Question: List the cases – cases that must be learned for every Muslim?

Answer: The case that must be learned that there are 4 pieces:

Science, namely عز وجل know God, know His Prophet and the religion of Islam with the familiar arguments – the argument is strong.
Charity, namely the realization of science in daily life – days.
Proselytizing, which is getting other people to science.
Patience, that is to be patient in facing the challenges that result from doing the three things above.

Problem: What are the arguments that show it is obligatory to learn the 4 things?

Answer: The evidence is the Q. S: Al-‘Ashr: 1-3.

Question: Does God leave us just like that in the life of this world?

Answer: No, but God also bearing عز وجل rizki our affairs and عز وجل true God has sent His Messenger told us to guide us. Who would obey him, surely he would go to heaven and who does not obey, then he will go to hell.

Problem: Is God pleased when we عز وجل menyekutukanNya with others?

Answer: God is not pleased عز وجل against shirk. The evidence is the Sura: Az-Zumar: 3, QS: Al-Jinn: 18. and much more.

Hopefully, this questioning can give to readers the benefits for improvement of his religion. Hopefully I can continue this material on other desempatan. For those of you who wish to comment on this matter, the author of many tarima ucapakan love.


التوحيد بين السائل والمجيب لفضيلة الشيخ د. إبراهيم الخضيري


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