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Muslim And Truth

One day Abu Hurairah (may Allah meridhoinya) is assigned to guard the Baitul Mal. At the time he is carrying out its duties, there came a thief who wanted to act, wanted to take the contents of the Baitul Mal. When the thief in action, Abu Hurairah know the action, direct beliaupun catch. Thieves appealed to Abu Hurairah to be released, and he reasoned that he stole because forced by circumstances. For this reason a thief, Abu Hurairah feel sorry and he finally let go of the thief that the thief was able to escape and survive from Abu Hurairah. This event does not make the thief deterrent and kapok. This is proven; on the second night, the thief repeat the action. But again – again no luck thief fate, Abu Hurayrah and immediately knew where he successfully menagkapnya again. Thieves stole the reasons expressed again on the grounds that he looked acceptable. When Abu Hurayrah heard the reason the thief, he felt sorry about it, finally the thief is released for a second time. Abu Hurairah hope this is the last time he stole.
Beyond the alleged Abu Hurairah, the thief came a third time. But alhamdulillah, Abu Hurairah still managed to catch him and frustrate its action. Abu Hurairah said to him: What would I report you to the Messenger of Allah. The thief replied: Do you report it, please deliver me, I shall teach you a verse from Al – Quran that if you read it, certainly no devil will come near you and do not disturb you too. Abu Hurayrah said: The verse where it?. The thief replied: He is the Section Chair. Hearing this answer, thieves tersebutpun released and escaped for the third time.
Abu Hurairah reported the incident to the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa Sallama. Prophet then asked him: Do you know anyone who says that Section Chair is to keep someone from tampering with the permission of Allah devil?. No indeed, he is the devil, and indeed he was telling the truth to you, even though he is a liar.
This story is complete is the hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari. People who look at a range of stories it correctly, will undoubtedly find many useful lessons for life, both for the life of this world and the life hereafter. Among the lessons that many are willing to accept the truth from any sources. The lesson of this one really has a lot of people who do not get it. So it is not uncommon for people who reject the truth because the truth is not derived from the organization, does not come from the boarding school where learning, not said by syekhnya, do not come from this and from it. All this shows the pride a person to the truth. It is the coming of God’s truth. This lesson when applied in everyday life, not only can bring good to one’s religion, but also for the life of her world. For example, when there is a clever little boy Mathematics, then there are people older than him, whether he is the father, or teacher or whoever he is while he is less intelligent or stupid though, he accepts the truth of the little boy, then the folly of Mathematics attached to it will disappear and he will be clever in the trade or business.
Arrogant person is not able to enter God’s heaven of bliss. Prophet said:

لا يدخل الجنة من كان في قلبه مثقال ذرة من كبر. ثم قال: الكبر بطر الحق وغمط الناس. رواه مسلم

“There will enter Paradise who is in his heart as heavy as seeds rather than arrogance. Then he says: is refusing the truth and insult the man. ”


منهاج الفرقة الناجية والطائفة المنصورة على ضوء الكتاب والسنة للشيخ محمد جميل زينو


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