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Keep Oral

In the Quran there are verses which means: (And the servant of servants of Allah, the Most Merciful are its people – people who walk on the earth humbly and when the people – the ignorant address them, they say the word – a kind word.) (QS: Al-Furqan: 63), (And when they hear the words that are not useful, they turn away from it and they said: “For us charity – our charity and the charity you – amalmu, we do not want to hang out with people – the ignorant” .) (QS: Al-Qashash: 55), (Not a ucapanpun was saying but there is a nearby angel supervisor who is always present). (Q.S: QAF: 18). In the hadith there are hadith – hadith as mentioned below:

“من كان يؤمن باله واليوم الآخر فليقل خيرا أو ليصمت”

Anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day, then said good or shut up. (Hadith issued by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim from Abu Hurairah).

“من يضمن لي ما بين لحييه, وما بين رجليه, أضمن الجنة.

Who can guarantee to me what is between the mustache and beard (ie his tongue), and what is between the two legs (ie his cock), then I guarantee him Paradise. ((Hadith issued by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim from Sahl bin Sa’d).

وعن سفيان بن عبد الله قال قلت: يا رسول الله ما أخوف ما تخاف على? فأخذ بلسان نفسه ثم قال: “كف عليك هذا” قال الترمذي حسن صحيح.

From Sufyan Bin Abdillah said: I once asked: Messenger of Allah, Something you are most afraid of me?. Then he got his tongue and said: Take this (oral). (Imam Tirmidhi said: Hasan Saheeh)
Really people – people who go to hell a lot due to their oral sebagaiman who described the Prophet in the hadith narrated by Imam Tirmidhi and Mu’adh.

From the above verses and hadiths that verbally describe to us to have a major role in determining safety and our accident. So we should not talk without a properly constituted with science. Tergelincirnya oral heavier than tergelincirnya foot. One will be able berakibatkan in utter destruction and accidents. The emergence of acts – acts of heresy, ma’shiat, shirk and cases – cases of bloodshed and the other is mostly caused by the oral. For example, if a kyai say: Do this and that (act of heresy), then people will follow it awampun. Though the spoken form is included acts of heresy. One said to his companion: Dating is allowed in Islam, the kawannyapun a relationship of love with a woman. Though his words are included ma’shiat deeds. And many other examples that would illustrate the enormity of the influence of oral.

Oral can make the owners are respected by others, if he used them in goodness. As with oral can also make the owners hated by others, if he is wrong in using it. Oral limbs could be the best and can also be a member of the body that Palin is bad. That depends in of usage. Oral is a reflection of one’s heart. When did his heart good, certainly good lisannyapun. Conversely, when her ugly and dirty, so dirty and ugly too well spoken. May we include the people – people that God has given guidance Taufiq, so we are able to maintain oral and use it in what – what God ridhoi and love.


كتاب الكبائرللشيخ عبد الوهاب


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