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Demand Of Syahadat

A Muslim in his life always in need of Allah. Even none of the humans who do not need of Him. This is because it is God who can satisfy all human needs both abstract and concrete. So, for a Muslim prayer be granted by God, need to follow adab – adab in prayer. Here are some of adab – adab pray to note.

1. It should be sincere because of praying to God
2. Starting and closing do’anya by praising Allah and His Apostle bershalawat above.
3. Settled in pray and believe will be heard.
4. Bringing hearts in prayer.
5. Should always pray in times both happy and miserable.
6. Do not pray except to God.
7. Ugliness should not pray for the family, property, children and himself.
8. Lowered his voice in prayer between the hidden and hard (medium – medium only).
9. Acknowledging all the sins, beg forgiveness for his sins, acknowledged for the blessings God bestowed on him and grateful for the blessings it.
10. Not incriminate themselves in prayer with prayer makes a poem – a beautiful poem.
11. Humble themselves, khusyu ‘, fear and full of hope.
12. Refusing prayers of those who persecuted with repentance.
13. Should pray for himself, later to pray for others.
14. Bertawassul in pray with asthma and the nature of God, or righteous deeds ever done, or ask the pious people who are still alive to mendo’akannya.
15. Food, drink and wear clothes that must be from a halal.
16. No sin or pray that contains the string breaker family relationships.
17. Implement amar nahi ma’ruf and evil (reigned the good and forbid kemungkaran).
18. Away from all ma’shiat to God.
19. Should pray 5 times after every prayer.
20. Between prayer and supplication iqamat.
21. Pray during Ramadan.
22. Expect prayers of parents.
23. Pray when in travel.
24. Pray when in a state of fasting.
25. Expect prayer of a righteous son.

May we all be given the best by God for happiness both in this world and the hereafter.

الدعاء من الكتاب والسنة ويليه العلاج بالرقى من الكتاب والسنة لسعيد بن علي بن وهف القحطاني


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