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Content Of At-Takwir

Takwir letter is included a letter describing the day qiyamat, it is stated in verse 1 to verse 14. Where is the God described therein that qiyamat Day would later be folded and digulunglah sun. In the book of Al-Hidayah commentary juz’amma, A. Hasan explained the purpose of the sun is not dicahayakan rolled again. Then dilemparkanlah sun, the stars – the stars shall fall, the mountain – the mountain will be destroyed until the sand is scattered like feathers flying, camel – camel bunting will be abandoned and no longer ignored by the owners (the camel is pregnant and treasure the most precious Arabs), animals – wild animals will be gathered into one, fails with the hurly – burly Qiamat days, to forget the hostility between each other, the ocean will be lit up to become a fire is lit, the spirit – the spirit will be reunited with the like, are good with a good vice versa, Sourced from Nu’man, that Umar was asked about the purpose of this paragraph, he replied, that a righteous man will be grouped with the righteous as well as evil men who would otherwise be collected by the evil and it is the intention didipertemukannya ruh – ruh .. Baby – baby girl buried alive – alive will be asked about the cause of what killed them, records – would spread out charity records for inspection, the heavens will be destroyed which shall mean no more such thing as heaven, hell jahim will be lit to burn the mutineers, heaven will be brought near to prospective occupants. So when it’s all the above events, then people know what he was doing of good deeds and evil.

In paragraph – the next verse, Allah swears by the star – who stars in circulation will always appear some time after sunset, where the period between the visible and the loss bervariasa, some of which are visible after missing a few days, there are a few months to one year and even beratusan more, and the night when it almost left the dark, when His morning began to dawn Fajr, which means the earth is one rather than a star – a small star that easily destroyed if God abort it rather than star – a star of a thousand or bermiliun times this earth.

This shows that khabara above is not from the imaginary and artificial prophet Muhammad. And that the Qur’an is true – true word of God revealed to Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. The angel Gabriel is the angel of glory, has a strength and a high status, followed by the other angels and more reliable. He will not add to what God commanded him, not minimize it and do not exceed the limits that have been digariskan.Ini all indicate that the Qur’an was glorious hand of God, where God sent the angel Gabriel that nature – nature as above to bring Al-Qur ‘an. Has become a habit of the kings – the king, they would not send a noble envoy best except a very important matter anymore precious. After Allah mentions the virtues of the angel Gabriel brought the Qur’an, He mentioned that the Messenger of virtue down to him the Quran and told the man that Muhammad was one of the most perfect mind, the best views and most correct style, not a crazy like what was said by his enemies who deny his teachings. They want to put out his teachings with those words. Rasulullah saw the angel Gabriel in a clear horizon with its original form, in which Gabriel had 600 wings. He is not stingy to his teachings, not increase, not reduce, and not hide. Even he is a trusted person among the population of heaven and earth. He does not die before his people understand the teachings of Islam.

After mentioning the glory of God that is in his second messenger, the angel Gabriel and the Prophet Muhammad, he claimed that the Qur’an is not perkatan the cursed devil, but the Qur’an is a warning from God to the universe. Ibn Kathir explains that the Qur’an is a warning to humans that they can get a warning and advice from him. By implementing the contents of the Qur’an will obtain serious benefits / good in the world and the Hereafter and gained happiness to both. It’s certainly for people who want to take a straight path. In the Tafsir al-Baidhowi explained that the straight path is the path of people – people who give ni’amat God upon them from the prophets, the righteousness of truth, the martyrs and the Sholihin. But man can not be going down that road, unless Allah wills. This shows that this verse is a refutation of class and jabariyah Qodariyah. Where some of them believed that the men that can determine the happy and miserable. And some others consider that the man had no role in his life, where they just run the destiny of God alone. Sufyan Bekata Assauri from Sa’id Bin Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz of Moses: When this verse down Abu Jahl said: none of his business (the straight path) back to us, if we wished, we take that road and if we do not even pretend we do not take it . Then this verse came down as the explanation that it was located on the will of God. What God wills it must happen and what is not desired will not happen. In the commentary al’usyril minal end Qur’anil Karim min zubadatittafsir book, and you are not able to istiqomah (going down that road) and Taufiq except by the will of God.

1. Taisirul Karim Ar-Rahman Fi Tafseer Kalamil Mannan, Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Nasir As-Sa’di.
2. Tafsirul Al-Qur’anul ‘Adhim, Al-Imam Abul-Fida al-Khafidz Ibn Kathir Ad-Damasyqa.
3. Al-Hidayah commentary juz’amma, A. Hasan.
4. Tafsirul ‘Usyril minal End Book of Koran Alkarim Zubadatittafsir min.
5. Adwa ulbayan fi idhohil Qur’an bil Qur’an, Muhammad Al Amin Bin Mohamed Bin al-Mukhtar Al-Jakani Asyanqiti.


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