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Behind A Benediction

Allah said in Al-Qur ‘an:

وقال ربكم ادعوني أستجب لكم إن الذين يستكبرون عن عبادتي سيدخلون جهنم داخرين

And your Lord says: “Pray to Me, you will undoubtedly Kuperkenankan. Those who boast of worship Me [1326] will enter the Fire in a state of untouchable. ” Al-Mukmin: 60

Messenger of Allaah be upon him Wa Sallama said:

الدعاء هو العبادة

Supplication is worship (Narrated by Ahmad, 4 / 267 and Tirmidhi, no. 2969)

ليس شيء أكرم على الله تعالى من الدعاء

There is nothing more precious by God than prayer (Narrated by Ahmad, no. 8733)
من لم يسأل الله يغضب عليه
He who does not pray to God, then he would be furious with him. (Narrated by Ahmad, no. 9699 and Tirmidhi, no. 3373)

الدعاء ينفع مما نزل ومما لم ينزل فعليكم عباد الله بالدعاء

Prayer is beneficial to reject something that has happened and that has not happened. Then let you pray, O hamaba – servant of God. (Narrated by Ahmad, no.22097 and Tirmidhi, no. 3548)
لا يرد القدر إلا الدعاء ولا يزيد في العمل إلا البر وإن الرجل ليحرم الرزق بالذنب يصيبه

No one can deny destiny except prayer, and nothing to add except good deeds a person. And someone will actually impeded rizkinya result of sin has ever done. (HR: Ahmad, no. 22 466, Ibn Majah, no. 90, and Justice, no. 1814, according to this hadeeth saheeh)

الدعاء سلاح المؤمن وعماد الدين ونور السموات والأرض

Prayer is the weapon of the believers, the pillar of religion and the light of heaven and earth (HR: Judge, no. 1812, according to this hadeeth saheeh)


The purpose of the creation of jinn and human beings on this earth is merely – an eye for worship. Worship is all the words and deeds (visible or invisible) who loved and diridhoi God. One of the people who say worship was limited to prayers, fasting and harmony – the other pillars of Islam. Work could be worth worship that is intended to meet the demands of religion, such as provide for the family, helping parents or others, as well as other activities. Includes worship is to pray. Prayer is a matter of a very noble sight of Allah. God sent His servants to pray only to Him. People who do not pray to Him, then God’s wrath on him. People who do not pray show him arrogant, does not need to God, and feel themselves able to do anything for her life. Yet however one’s circumstances, poor or rich, young or old, employee or director or the other, would be experiencing feelings of successive, sometimes feel secure and sometimes happy, sometimes happy and sometimes feel miserable, or feelings of others. Ketatapan God for the fate of human beings really have believed it is. And verily, prayer can prevent disasters before they happen and also to lift the disaster when it occurs (see the book Ad-daa ‘wad dawaa’, Ibn Qoyyim). A believer does not have a powerful weapon but with prayer. Messenger history proves, with prayer, the Prophet with his companions are able to defeat many of the war although their numbers were small compared with the number of opponents.


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