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5 Kinds Of Heart Destroyer

Ibn Qoyyim may Allah bless him say: And as destroyer destroyer of hearts that five are: many hanging out, wishing – if, in addition to relying on God, too full, and many sleep. Five is a lot of damage to the liver.

1. A lot of hanging out with people – people

A lot of hanging out with people – people that lead a person preoccupied with the affairs of others, so that he too tertuntut to meet their needs, although he was not able. If such a situation, then how is time for God and for the preparation the day finally?. How many of these associations wrath of God, hinders the favor of God, cause havoc, blocking the gift of God and the resulting fall in many disasters. Thus it is no disaster for humans but from the man himself.

Society is meant here is the association over the love of the world. Where if his world had gone from someone then that person – rangpun going away. This has been hinted at the word of God,

ويوم يعض الظالم على يديه يقول يليتني اتخذت مع الرسول سبيلا. يويلتى لم أتخذ فلانا خليلا. لقد أضلني عن ذكري بعد إذ جاءني.

And (Remember) the day (when it) people who do wrong to bite his hands, saying: “Ah would (first) I took the road together Apostles”. Woe to Me; would I (first) did not make it sifulan close friend (me). Indeed he has been misled when I was of the Holy Quran Koran that has come to me. and the devil did not want to help people. (Al-Furqan: 27-29).

Arabic proverb says:

إن كثر مالي صاحبني وإن قل مالي عاداني

If my money a lot, he’s with me and if my money a little, he memusuhiku “. Another proverb: “There is money dear brother, no money brother kicked. In another verse, Allah states:

إنما اتخذتم من دون الله أوثانا مودة بينكم في الحياة الدنيا ثم يوم القيامة يكفر بعضكم ببعض ويلعن بعضكم بعضا ومأواكم النار وما لكم من ناصرين
And He said: “Verily the idols which you worship besides Allah is to create a feeling of affection among you in this life It’s Later in the Day of Resurrection ye deny sebahagian sebahagian (who else) and you sebahagian mela’nati sebahagian (other) ; and place of return is the Fire, and occasionally nothing for you the helpers. (Al-Ankabut: 25)

The beneficial association is gathering that the good of the world and the hereafter like prayer of Friday, the feast prayer, pilgrimage, learning, jihad, nashihat and otherwise. Even so, he must avoid the clubs that excessive in terms of permissible unless there is an attempt to make society into obedience. As if he was forced to join the associations that bad, then he must be patient to receive an insult, but this insult will give birth to love people – who believe and love God.

2. Wished – if (menghayal). Menghayal is a job that does not exist ultimately. Ibn Qoyyim says:

هو بحر لا ساحل له

Menghayal is the ocean that is not trimmed. “Usually people menghayal it would always imagine what dikhayalkannya. Until his imagination to get into his dream, when he awoke, he will remember that it was only a dream. Such delusion is not getting much benefit even bring madhorrot or damage. The nature fantasize about something good like imagining that a knowledgeable person, he would practice it, or if a rich man, he would menafkahkannya in the way of Allah, then it really has been praised by the Prophet and even the perpetrators will get the reward.

Depending by other than Allah

Someone who relies on other than Allah, Allah will give up his business to something that becomes back support so that he does not get what it wants. This is stated in God’s word

, واتخذوا من دون الله ءالهة ليكونوا لهم عزا (81) كلا سيكفرون بعبادتهم ويكونون عليهم ضدا (82). مريم: 81-82.

And they have been taken gods besides Allah, for the gods to be their protectors. Absolutely not. later they (gods) will deny the worship (his followers) to it, and they (gods) it will become enemies for them.
واتخذوا من دون الله ءالهة لعلهم ينصرون (74) لا يستطيعون
نصرهم وهم لهم جند محضرون (75). يس: 74-75.

They took gods besides Allah, so that they get help. Idols that can not help them, but the idols were to be soldiers who are prepared to maintain them. People who rely on other than Allah is like one who took refuge from the hot sun and the rain to take shelter under the house profits – profits which the home earnings – profit is the weakest house. People like this will be inflicted humiliation at her like that was allegedly in the Qur’an,

لا تجعل مع الله الها ءاخر فتقعد مذموما مخذولا. الإسراء: 22.

Do not invent another God besides Allah, lest you be reprehensible and not left (God).

Foods that damage the liver, there are two kinds. First, because the illicit substance such as carrion, blood, meat of slaughtered pigs and what not for God and for the unlawful acquisition means such as stolen, the result of robbery, something that was taken from another person without any blessing from him. Second, because of the way such as excessive use, satiety and others. This is because it could incriminate him from obedience to God and menyibukannya the stomach and syahwatnya affairs. People who eat a lot of it will be much drinking and lots of sleep, until she became miserable in his life. Prophet said in his Hadith famous
: ما ملأ ادمي وعاء شرا من بطنه, بحسب ابن ادم لقيمات يقمن صلبه. فإن كان لابد
فاعلا فثلث لطعامه, وثلث لشرابه, وثلث لنفسه.

It is not no son adam who fill bejananya worse than his stomach. Suffice to children adam some bite to enforce the ribs. Even more than that, it suffices third for food, one third for drink and one third for breathing. (Reported by Tirmidhi, Ahmad, Hakim and this tradition endorsed by Shaykh Al-Bani)

Many sleep
Many of sleep has caused many mudhorot or damage. As a result many of them are sleeping to make him die, making his body weight to do various activities, a waste of time, and cause a lot of negligence and laziness. The following table explanation sleep problems.
No kind of sleep Explanation Notes
1 When you need once like after night duty etc, sleep ba’da evening prayers, prayers dhuhur ba’da sleep. Many of the benefits of (good) is the length of healthy sleep 8 hours. Less than or greater than this size can cause madhorot on health.
2 Sleeping between Fajr and sunrise both {hated Less)
3 Bedroom before sunset No benefit
1. Mufsidatul Qulub alkhomsah wayaliha asbabu syarhishudur, Imam Ibn Qoyim


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